April 25th, 2024

Been a while since I whipped out a new blog! The biggest life event change was Bitcoin finally peaking, what a ride from 16k all the way to 74K. I sold at the top this time! I don’t own any crypto at all. No staking, nothing on Coinbase or Robinhood, I am done! I would rather go out on top than take chances of Bitcoin dropping back down to the 35-40k range. I understand that Bitcoin is superior to cash still, but I just don’t see it peaking further up in this cycle. I could be wrong, if so, I’m totally okay with that. I just think it’s time for something new, and I am completely sure I have found it. TikTok has its own sort of cryptocurrency, called ‘Coins’, the magical thing to me is that you can give it away in gifts to live streamers.

I always knew this but never really had a reason to load money onto TikTok and then send it to others. I guess I should start with live streaming on TikTok, because before, TikTok to me was just doom scrolling through videos. I was moving from battle station #1 (living room computer setup), to battle station #2 (bedroom computer setup); to break up the environment of sitting at one computer station. I then started going on TikTok for like 30 minutes, which I called battle station #2.5 because it was still the bedroom. I was using TikTok for informational and research purposes but that eventually got old once you already know everything from Twitter. I never watched live streams really at all but one day I just went through a bunch. Nothing caught my attention, until this girl who was roasting profile photos.

She was guessing things about the person’s profile photo and some things she said about me landed pretty damn close. I then told my forum friends, discord server friends, did “research”, then just basically got over it. The TikTok algorithm is deep though, the same person popped up when I returned back to battle station 2.5. After learning about her and some of her friends that she has on there, I then just started to continue to watch the lives. Of course, I was still doom scrolling through TikToks but not even close to before. I have now moved on to just watching live streams because it’s sometimes good for your mental health to be able to chat with others about anything. About a month goes by and I’m starting to see how people get certain levels for how many gifts they give to others. I was watching mainly only two different live streams, and they knew each other.

The whole honeypot setup scenario was always in the back of my mind, but I figured if I keep being paranoid, I’ll never really meet anyone new. I then sold some Bitcoin one night and that night someone gave a gift to the girl I had been watching for a while now. Long story short, I’ve realized giving gifts to people on TikTok is better than waiting for my crypto to just go further up! It was a great euphoric ride for Bitcoin, but for me I think it is time to close that chapter. I stopped watching George’s lives streams on YouTube daily and moved to this Larisa girl’s live streams; along with her friend Mario, who has become my friend too. I understand that I don’t really tell many people about my personal life much. I’m not posting new selfies or posting Facebook posts about my life. Trust me, I walk a fine line of trying to be public as possible but keep what needs to be kept to me. I think the people I am watching on the stream don’t realize the body language they give off, and one thing I am good at is knowing when people are lying. Putting the two together, my trust for the new live streamers I am watching daily now, has grown a lot.

I started making new content myself, nothing special but just what I was doing on YouTube shorts. I also made every one of my YouTube vlogs private and haven’t even started a new vlog since I made that one of my Quad Cities visit. I am done for the time being, I took a break from 2017-2020, so this is my new break from what I called “The stop and smell the roses project”, which went from videos during my dark times with no internet in 2014-2015, to my vlogging what was recently. I also cut my website link from some of social media profiles and replaced it with my Twitter/X link, because I think I was exposing myself too much with the Bitcoin knowledge. I recently talked about that with someone on Instagram and it comes down to just not wanting to blog about money. Maybe this random stream of consciousness style blog here isn’t better, but I’m also not trying to impress anyone.

I just felt like if I am going to keep a website going, might as well type what has been going on lately. I also completely stopped trying to learn Chinese on Duolingo, that was a complete waste of time when Chinese people online know English. Another wild change recently for me is that I have almost stopped posting at Boxden the website. I still mod the discord server but no more scrolling through threads reading comments. It still blows my mind that Ronnie runs the whole thing himself, and I miss the people on there but I keep in contact with about 5 of them on Snapchat every single day. Our snap streak game is wild good. I go back now to the news forum, and they are way behind Twitter/X on every topic or event. I think with following the right Twitter accounts, the algorithm will work with you to give you exactly what want you need to see. No more city-data doom scrolling thread comments too, they started calling me a terrorist because of my comments in the Ireland unification thread and disliking the bombs dropped on Gaza.

I’ll end this blog at about 1000 words though. I still moderator Discord Servers, all day, all night; an ongoing operation, just now TikTok time is going to be added in. 

Be a nice human.