May 1st, 2024

I am going to share some things about a few people I have found on TikTok. Just a little about 4 different people online and why TikTok isn’t as bad as people think. Is TikTok a national security risk? I have concluded that it is not, I understand it's not my decision but here are some individuals you'll find on the app. The app being a threat depends on who you ask and, in my opinion, because for those powerful people in the United States, TikTok is so powerful it is a threat to them. It is not about metadata; it is about power and the United States not being in control of that power. The United States begging Bytedance to sell to an American company looks silly.

The company is not for sale, it is exposing what the US government has always wanted, control of your life through social media apps. This TikTok ultimatum we have over the next few months will get interesting on what side you fall on. In my opinion, it comes to a choice of freedom or giving in to the powers that are in America.

Here are some interesting people worth following on TikTok, 500 words each:


Mario has a few things online about himself, I wouldn’t say he has too much information but enough for someone to not worry about following his accounts. I tuned into his live streams from the connection with CEO Larisa, who gave a few hints on who he is. It looks like he is from Brooklyn, NYC, very into his faith in God, and just graduated from Penn State. He is living in Pennsylvania currently but is moving soon to another state. He is a fighter; he has medals from winning jiu-jitsu, with some clips from matches on his Instagram. Mario gives out the puzzle pieces about him too, which most Anons don’t understand. I tried hiding myself for years, but it never worked out. You need to be a little exposed if you’re going to be online talking to people on social media. I come across a wide range of people in Discord servers and forums, where there is either too much information about them or nothing at all, making them suspicious.

Mario streams on TikTok a lot, maybe every day and I haven’t noticed yet. He made me a moderator now of his live streams and seems to have a whole group of people routinely show up. He has a birthday coming up on May 10th, he will be 25 years old and plans to stream that day. Make sure to tune in on that day and send a gift, even if it’s just one of them galaxies, he has expressed how his goal is 30 of those on his birthday stream. If you look at Mario’s Instagram page, you can grasp a picture of someone who is genuinely a good person. I haven’t seen his Facebook page, but I am confident the name on his Instagram page is his birth name. Mario shared in a few streams about the passing of his father on April 9th, 2023, and on his Instagram page. Since I have started tuning into his live streams, I can tell he is one of the strong ones, because after a tragic event like losing a parent, he is motivating and positive about life. A lot of people on TikTok look up to Mario from the conversations I have read in his comments. 

Check out his TikTok, give him a follow, like some videos, repost some videos, all those things that can mean something to someone. He has a business degree also and is an entrepreneur. I can see how Larisa and Mario are good friends. I often wondered sometimes if Mario was streaming upstairs, and Larisa was streaming downstairs. From what I have gathered, Mario works remotely at home giving him plenty of time to stream live but used to work at Microsoft. I haven’t known Mario that long, only since finding Larisa’s account but he has shown everyone on TikTok that banning the app would be a bad idea. Kicking people off an app, just because the US government is worried about people organizing in ways that scare them is not right.

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Joss | Esoteric Content: This is an individual I have been connected with from CEO Larisa when he came on as a guest on Larisa’s live stream one day. Larisa, the master networker, explained that he has content like some of the things I had chatted with her about on her livestream. Joss is a younger dude from Indiana and seems to know a lot about esoteric stuff. His content is full of information on topics all things esoteric, he is a light worker in the fullest way on social media. I checked out one of his TikToks and asked if he knew anything about hemi-sync meditation and the gateway process documents. A lot of humans have heard of that book that became famous years ago called “The Secret”, about manifestation and the law of attraction. Napoleon Hill to me was the first author who dove deeper into that, but sometimes talking about autosuggestion can get creepy. I mentioned the gateway tapes from The Monroe Institute to Joss because the US government kept them secret about the science on that topic.

The gateway process document explains way more than manifestation, the document explains where consciousness came from and exactly what you can do with it. Joss covers a wide range of topics on his TikTok account and posts more content than others daily. He also does live streaming, but I haven’t dropped in on them much just a few times now. One way I thought about explaining Joss’s TikTok content is like seeing Manly P. Hall’s “The Secret Teachings of all Ages” book explained in different TikTok videos. I understand there are important books we have in this world, the main one for me is the Bible. The Bible is great, a lot of us have read the whole thing through many times. When it comes to books, in my opinion, people read what they are interested in. If esoteric knowledge is not something you’re into then, you won’t care about the books on those topics, but you’ll never know that way of understanding the universe. I was about the age that Joss is at in life when I started reading everything there is about the rock we are floating on.

When Larisa shared his TikTok with me, I understood right away his content would be like my content back in the 2010s. Joss is a spiritual transformation coach, those spirit science videos that were popular years ago on YouTube explained that people like Joss are part of the stair-step evolution of humans. The humans in history who were part of the stair-step evolution were extremely important people. Some of them invent something that helps humans evolve, and some are spiritual leaders, which also help humans evolve. It is understandable if your religion goes against some of the things Joss’s content is about. That is a deep concept about religion, control, and authority and if that works for you, no one can say it's wrong. I believe religion is a strong way of living, but one easy explanation is that religion is someone else’s spiritual experience whereas spirituality is living it yourself. Check out Joss’s accounts, like the videos, share, and repost them.

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CEO Larisa

There isn’t much information about this woman online and from getting to know her, she wants it like that. So, I won’t expand on things I feel I shouldn’t. I have gained an understanding over the years of seeing the synchronicity in the universe when it happens. I used to get freaked out and paranoid from it, after years of it though you start to laugh out loud, sometimes in public and in front of others. CEO Larisa is the motivator; from seeing the content she creates or to the TikTok reposts she shares. I have only known her for a short time, basically when I got back from the Quad Cities visit in March. I came back to Connecticut with a mission from all the TikTok ban news they had that week. I knew some of the algorithm and thought I understood TikTok well until I landed on Larisa’s stream.

I slowly got to know her and found out she had been doing it for years, not just that night. She explained to me that she had a couple of previous accounts, and something happened where she ended up removing them. She told to me why and how, but I don't think that's worth sharing in this blog with everyone. Larisa showed me her old accounts and one had 50k followers and she said from mainly Nigerian TikTokers. Larisa knows a lot of certain things that your normal person just never really thinks about, similar to Joss's content, except Larisa has mainly focused her content on her tech company. A big concept a year ago online in web3 was 'building in public', her company has nothing to do with blockchain technology but she is building in public still. Even if everything isn't shared, if something is, then you're building!

From my time on her live streams, she has shown she has an extremely good ability to recall her dreams. I could see how if someone can do that, they might want to share that, and she does it on her live streams sometimes. I am not talking about a few things about a dream, we can all do that, this is a 10-minute summary of her dream with details. I mentioned astral projection to her, and she knew it was a thing but didn't understand the silver cord concept. It's not that deep of an idea but it's a cord that keeps you attached to your body during astral projection. Larisa brought up that if people are flying during astral projection, then how can a cord be attached to the person? That is one of the main events that happens is the person explores the universe, and this silver cord keeps attached to your body during the out-of-body experience. The silver cord is in the mind, just a concept, not a literal physical cord because the person is sleeping. Astral projection isn’t an easy thing to master, most times it happens to someone, and they confuse it with a vivid lucid dream.

I don’t want to get too deep into that topic but it was something interesting Larisa has talked about during her live streams. She hasn’t even shared her birth last name either, at least with me, maybe with others. Plus she has never shown any other people in her house on stream. There have been times when she stops her boyfriend from entering the room she is in, or her boyfriend will be heard walking around or making noises. At least showing someone else in there with her, but her privacy is top-level. CEO Larisa has given out lots of puzzle pieces about her life, from listening and paying attention, you’ll find some pieces are missing. This shouldn’t stop you from tuning into her live streams or following her. She wants to uplift people and has connected people on TikTok that normally wouldn’t have been introduced to each other. Sometimes it can be obvious or sometimes you’ll need to take the hint, but Larisa is thinking hard behind the scenes. I’ll end with how she is building a tech startup company. The company name is still secret, but it looks like it’s going to be a marketplace. She is focused and inspirational, it will be cool to see how her company becomes a reality.

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The last TikTok creator I am going to type about is, Nina, pronounced “Knee-Na”, not like “Nine-A”, a family member of mine. She is married and lives in Hawaii, and also keeps a low profile online. She is someone on TikTok who showed up on my fyp," For You Page", the tab while scrolling TikTok that the algorithm feeds you videos they know very well you'll connect with. Nina had a video show up, not a live stream, but it was pro-Palestinian content. I shared a few videos and told her how Ireland has always supported the Palestinians strongly. She respectfully explained to me how she already knew that. Her content, like a lot of others that follow her, shows the conflict in Gaza that American media companies don't. I have only known of her TikTok account since getting back from my Quad Cities trip in March.

One thing about TikTok is that a lot of people load their Instagram page right into the bio of the TikTok page. Making it easy to connect with someone off TikTok, Instagram seems to be the way for that. Nina shares Instagram stories often of the war crimes Israel has committed against the people of Palestine. I understand fully that not liking Israel is now against the law in America, it is shameful what AIPAC has done to the United States. Nina understands this and makes content on her account expressing her views on this topic. Nina posts often on TikTok and has said some of her accounts were removed before which is sad. Her account has gained a lot of followers in the past month, she has lots of supporters who comment on the videos. She doesn’t go live, I think because the app won’t let her, but she is someone worth following on the app. My friends and family who may be reading right now, that might have fallen to the American propaganda machine, maybe not though. I am just explaining Nina's TikTok content.

The US government is trying to ban TikTok because of people like Nina, not that she is doing anything wrong but is simply exercising her First Amendment right in a way that threatens the establishment. In a world where a lot of Americans treat American politics like a sports team, you’re either on this side or that side. In my opinion, it is important to see the other person's viewpoint on a topic. Nina's content on TikTok will show you the Palestinian viewpoint, which you won't see from your favorite news channel.

I don't want get too deep because most people are set on what they already believe by now, the propaganda machine works well. The machine will strongly persuade you to believe that HAMAS attacked Israelis randomly last year on October 7th, and started the conflict. This war has been going on for decades, and any attacks on humans are wrong. If you've been following the conflict before October 7th, 2023, you'll notice more than what the media wants you to believe. Nina and lots of others on TikTok have content about this subject, it's worth checking out. Follow her TikTok & Instagram.

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